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Here is the endless wet thick cosmos, The center Of my soul. Here on my feet lie The key to my whole world. They say everything about me They know everything I know. They’ve seen everything I’ve seen, They’ve even watched me grow.

Wandering Home

Originally posted on The Waterhole:
i have to leave now there’s no car outside no one is waiting but i know it is time ? if i don’t make it i leave this note use it to trace the short path i wrote ? manure and mountains watercolor skies fakeness on paper truer in life ? crisp air the silence body as home never felt like this a place not my own ? i was not born here not in one sense a rebirth is what happened when i jumped your fence ? having no claim nothing on paper what gives me right to try and just stay here ? a city a country nine numbers a card insurance and money they’ll build up their walls ? i’m a criminal rapist not a mom not a dad not a child not a sister not a refugee ad ? forget me my journey my blood and my veins what do i matter just taking up space ? i’m not me no more a foreign painting of…