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The Girl on the Cover

Lipstick not ChapStick. You need blush and foundation. That doesn’t look right. Your face is a little chubby. You need to try this brand, it’s better for your skin. Don’t you see? They all look beautiful. Don’t cry. It doesn’t look flattering. Buy that shirt, that dress, that mascara, and it’ll be better. Fix your hair. It’s not that you’re ugly, you just need work. Some girls need more work. They say women are blessed because they have makeup, while men just have their face. We have more. You should still diet though. Remember, fat is your enemy. Starve if you have to. Throw those french-fries and double mocha lattes away. What are you doing?! Do you know how many carbs are in that drink? No. Do you want to be like her. She’s perfect. LOOK. AT. HER. She’s on the cover, she knows best. Do you think she eats that food. You want a boyfriend, don’t you? You want to be loved. You want to have friends. You want to feel included. Then you shouldn’t eat that junk food, just stick with lettuce and carrots. No dressing. You know how the world works. Don’t let those motivational speakers lie to you. Things haven’t changed, they will NEVER change—but you can change. Your body image is still important. Put on some makeup, make sure to blend it all in. Being pretty and quiet is okay. You’re not strong and that’s okay. Some girls are bold and can be socialites. Some, like YOU, aren’t. Just sit in the back and wait. Someone will see you if you’re pretty, they’ll come soon enough. Pretty girls always get helped. Just lose the weight. Everything will get better and don’t listen to the people that say things have changed. Jennifer Lawrence is still fat, she said so herself. Besides you’re not sexy, you can’t pull off a Scarlett Johansson. Don’t try. You’ll make a fool of yourself. Remember, you’re not strong. You’re shy and timid. You need to work with that you know. You’re not like the other girls. Just put on some concealer, hide those blemishes. The point is to hide your face. But it’s okay, you’re building a new one. You’re building a new you. It’s better this way. You’ll look like them soon. You’ll be pretty. Remember, you can change. You will change, or else you’ll die ugly and alone.

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