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Here is the endless wet thick cosmos,
The center
Of my soul.
Here on my feet lie
The key to my whole world.
They say everything about me
They know everything I know.
They’ve seen everything I’ve seen,
They’ve even watched me grow.
Every fall
Every rise
Every scratch
Every tear.
My shoes have been with me,
Helped me conquer my fears.

If my shoes were a true person
They’d be the one I couldn’t loathe.
They’d get if I was angry
Or tired
Or sad.
Why I was disillusioned
Or frustrated
Or why I felt fat.

My shoes would understand
Why I want to live in the country
Why I like to lay in cool grass.
My shoes would know
Why I stargaze
Why I cry when I think of dad.

My shoes are perfect
Like the stars in the sky.
My shoes are perfect
They hold the scars of my life.

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